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One of the biggest problems with education is that everyone, based on their lived experiences as students of whatever system, assume that they are experts on what is best for education. Without disregarding anyone’s precious memories of a great teacher or horrendous suffering at the hands of some inhuman educator, the flawed memories of less-than-self-aware 10-year-olds are hardly the basis for deciding anything, much less what’s best for Education. I know, I’ve been that confused 10-year-old and I’ve taught that confused 10-year-old for over twenty years. This blog attempts to explore the reflections, frustrations and observations of the kid that remembers being bored and avoiding reading assignments in the 5th grade and the professional educator trying to balance instruction with the need for students to NOT be spoon-fed answers that they should easily discover if they were given enough time or a sense of safety.

Add to that I recognize that the speed of our technological adoptions into society is lapping educational adoption on an unprecedented level that has thrown educators and administrators into a scramble about where to focus and what investments should be made and there isn’t a clear path moving forward. At the same time, political forces have decided to inject their political beliefs into the fray with no actual experience as educators and that complicates the already complicated business of educating the broad expression of humanity that shows up in September for 180-days of instruction.

This is not something for the faint-of-heart or for someone not interested in having their pet-theories destroyed by the uncooperative attitude of a cranky 5-year-old not interested in learning his vowels. Suit up, dear reader, Adventures in Education is about taking what we have learned about how humans learn and testing these ideas with the students I have been working with for the past 20-something years. Just like any two-year-old learning to walk, there’s a lot of butts that unexpectedly end up on the ground and a lot of “well that didn’t go as expected” along the way. Enjoy.

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